Back to the Tanker: Price Competition

A new strategy for the competition to award an Air Force contract for the aerial tanker might be a compromise for the next president, according to this article.

A sidebar to the home page has the following item, which does not have its own URL and may disappear after a few days. So with full credit to the USAF Aimpoint:

AMC: Securing Today’s Energy, and Fueling Tomorrow’s Mission

A 2006 study revealed 82 percent of the Air Force’s total energy consumption is aviation fuel.  Air Mobility Command, through its fleet of tankers and airlifters, used 27 percent of that total, or roughly $1.5 billion.  For over a year, AMC has undertaken an ambitious fuel efficiency program making use of the best airline industry programs/practices. Doing so not only ensures our mobility fleet operates more efficiently, but will secure today’s energy in order to fuel tomorrow’s missions.

Our Airmen aggressively identified and implemented numerous initiatives to reduce aviation fuel consumption and operate the fleet more efficiently.   Here are just a few:
-Removed standard ramp fuel loads using only the required fuel for the mission
-Reduced weight by eliminating excess equipment carried on our aircraft
-Enhanced flight planning with accurate computer programs and shorter, direct routes
-Streamlined ground operations through engine shutdown and taxi procedures while minimizing APU usageTransferred additional aircrew training, including practice emergency procedures, to more capable simulators
-Continuously improved data collection tools and metrics to capture improvements
-Standing up a fuel efficiency office to oversee all fuel efficiency initiatives and policy

Although these initiatives are helping to avoid an extra $120M annual fuel bill, we can’t rest on these accomplishments.  Other efficient initiatives can be identified, implemented and performed not just by our aircrews, but by Airmen at all levels — throughout the entire Air Force.  From commanders, aircraft maintainers, flight planners, to the aircrews who execute the missions, we all need to ensure we do our part to be able to “Secure Today’s Energy, and Fuel Tomorrow’s Missions!”

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