Risks to 787 Line 2 in Charleston

Here are some thoughts about the risks Boeing faces about establishing 787 Line 2 in Charleston vs. Everett. An understanding of Washington State politics is at the core of these musings. Federal politics. Certain members of the Washington… Read More

Analyst reaction to 787 schedule

Market reaction Thursday to Boeing’s new schedule for 787 first flight by year end, and EIS in 4Q10, was good: stock closed up more than 8% or $4 to $51.82. The Dow Jones Industrials were up a mere… Read More

Boeing webcast on 787 8/27

Update: Here is a 16 minute podcast about the conference call and news. Original Post: Here is a running recap of the Boeing webcast on the announcement today of the new schedule and $2.5bn charge. Present on the… Read More

787 Schedule, $2.5bn charge announced

Boeing’s Press Release: Note webcast at 0700 PDT referenced at the end. The 787 is to fly by the “end of the fourth quarter” and frst flight in the 4th quarter of 2010. Production rate to 10/mo is… Read More

Split view on 787 forward loss

During the 2Q09 earnings call, Boeing seemed to be laying the foundation that a forward loss might be forthcoming on the 787 program and some analysts shortly thereafter issued notes predicting there will be one. However, within the… Read More

C-17 profile

Defense Industry Daily has a superb profile of the Boeing C-17. It’s timely because Boeing is ramping up efforts to convince Congress to fund more C-17s over opposition of the Air Force and the Obama Administration.

Keeping Boeing in Seattle

Update, Aug. 26: Bloomberg’s story; the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s story; Charleston Regional Business Journal. Update, Aug. 25: KING 5 TV Seattle (NBC) reported today that Boeing will file for permits tomorrow to expand the Charleston, SC, plant in anaticipation… Read More

Former defense official favors split tanker buy

George Talbot of The Mobile Press-Register has an article about John Lehman, a former defense official in the Reagan administration, favoring a split buy for the KC-X program.

USAF Cadets work on tanker fuel burn reduction, and other things

US Air Force Cadets are designing wing refinements for the aging fleet of Boeing KC-135R tankers to improve fuel efficiency by 8%, reports CleanTechnica.com. Why a bunch of cadets? Perhaps because the US Air Force Academy in Colorado… Read More

Southwest loses Frontier bid

Southwest Airlines lost its bid to acquire Frontier Airlines in the bankruptcy auction this week. The bid was a long shot because its competition was Republic Holdings, a DIP lender to Frontier and the largest unsecured creditor.