Boeing gains STC on Italian KC-767

Let’s take a break from the Line 2 drama: Boeing issued this news internally about the KC-767 International (Italian) tanker program today: Boeing’s International Tanker Program on Sept. 23 completed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification requirements for Italy’s… Read More

787 Line 2: Countdown to Decision; Opportunities on Both Sides

It’s Monday, October 26, and the final countdown to a decision on where to put Boeing’s 787 Line 2 assembly site may come as early as this week. We understand the Boeing Board of Directors meets today or… Read More

IAM may well “blow it” over 787 Line 2

With an historic opportunity to engage in a radical shift of labor relations with The Boeing Co., the International Association of Machinists may well make an historical decision that will “blow it.” As anyone in aviation who is… Read More

SPEEA: We’ll organize Charleston engineers

If Boeing decides to put the second 787 line in Charleston, isolating this work from SPEEA engineers in Puget Sound, SPEEA told this column it will immediately begin an organizing effort of engineers hired in or transferred to… Read More

Line 2 talks deadlocked: SEA Times

Dominic Gates at The Seattle Times has a story that’s important to Washington State and South Carolina: talks between Boeing and the IAM are deadlocked, he writes. Boeing wants a 10-year, no-strike contract in exchange for putting Line… Read More

United nearing decision on refleeting

Update, November 12: We’ve learned United is splitting the wide-body and narrow-body RFPs into two, now planning to make two purchases instead of one. The wide-body order will come first. Boeing has recently become aggressive with 787 offers… Read More

Boeing posts big 3Q09 loss

Here is a link to the press release. The earnings call is at 10:30am EDT today. The results were no particular surprise, as the $1bn charge for the 747-8 program and $2.5bn write off on the 787 were… Read More

Ahead of Boeing 3Q09 earnings787

Boeing releases its third quarter earnings tomorrow (Oct. 21). The company has already announced another $1bn write down for the 747-8 program and some aerospace analysts are predicting another $2.5bn write-off for the 787. The company said it… Read More

Boeing builds berms (with no delays)

Here in the Seattle area, there is a highly developed industrial, office and residential area called Kent Valley. As the name suggests, it is in a low-lying area that includes the Green River. And a flood plain, protected… Read More

Boeing “leaning” toward KC-767

Boeing is “leaning” toward offering the KC-767 to the US Air Force in the KC-X competition, an executive revealed at a conference in Everett (WA) today. Boeing previously has been coy about whether it will offer the KC-767,… Read More