Air Park with A350 contract in dire financial condition

The air park selected by Spirit Aerosystems as the location for a 500,000 sf facility to produce fuselage panels for the Airbus A350 is in dire financial condition and cannot repay state bonded indebtedness, according to a newspaper… Read More

EADS, governments reach A400M Agreement

EADS just announced an agreement with the eight governments that ordered the A400M to resolve the financial dispute. The two-page press release may be downloaded here: EADS A400M.

Boeing selects KC-767 for Tanker

Boeing, as expected, announced that it will offer the KC-767 to the US Air Force for the KC-X aerial refueling tanker competition. The press release is below the jump. There are a couple of very specific references in… Read More

Christmas Day bombing attempt

BBC sponsored a bombing test on a retired Boeing 747 to see if the Northwest Airlines Airbus A330 would have survived the Christmas Day bombing attempt. The results are surprising and may be seen here. The aluminum fuselage… Read More

OEM proposes assmbling air unit overseas

In a story that has a bit of irony, The Financial Times has this piece about an OEM that plans to assemble an air unit overseas. (Free registration may be required.)