A little irreverence

We came across a news item that in the wake of the weird new Russia’s United Aircraft Co. will bid for the KC-X that just seems to call for a moment of irreverence. Let’s recall that as a… Read More

A320, 737 Re-engine picks up steam

This story has suddenly picked up speed as both Airbus and Boeing discuss re-engine options for their single aisle airplanes. Scott Hamilton and Jon Ostrower discuss the nuances facing both firms – the engine options, the competitor moves… Read More

Configuration details on KC-767 emerge

As the world waits to see whether EADS will join with a new partner and pursue a KC-X bid after all, we’ve obtained some new information about the configuration for the Boeing KC-767. Boeing’s press announcement and illustrations… Read More

EADS may bid for tanker after all

Update, Mar. 19, 230PM PDT: Just when you thought this couldn’t get any weirder, Russia announced it plans to submit a bid to the KC-X, according to The Wall Street Journal: By PETER SANDERS In another twist to… Read More

Get over it and move on

In the three days following the withdrawal by Northrop Grumman from the KC-X tanker competition over its conclusion that the Final Request for Proposals for the USAF aerial tanker was irretrievably skewed toward the smaller Boeing KC-767, Northrop… Read More

Boeing’s secret KC-X plan

While France elevates the complaints over Northrop Grumman’s withdrawal from the USAF KC-X competition to a head-of-state level, a Boeing insider has leaked the company’s secret NewGen tanker plans to this column. We show the exclusive picture after… Read More

Boeing’s Albaugh at JP Morgan conference

Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing Commercial Aircraft, appeared March 9 at the JP Morgan Transportation Conference, one day after Northrop Grumman withdrew from the KC-X competition. Below is a running tab of Albaugh’s presentation and Q&A.

EADS 2009 loss on A400M, A380

No surprise here: EADS reported a loss for 2009 on write-offs for the A400M and the A380. Here are some links to tide readers over while we juggle listening to the earnings call with the JP Morgan Conference… Read More

Northrop, EADS to skip tanker bid

Update, March 9, 7am PST: EADS will not independently bid for the KC-X contract, Market Watch reports. Update, 1pm PST: Northrop will no-bid and not protest, we have confirmed. EADS is undecided whether to proceed with a bid… Read More

13 minute interview with Boeing’s Albaugh

King 5 (NBC) in Seattle posted a 13 minute raw-footage interview with Boeing Commercial Airplane CEO Jim Albaugh. The audio is pretty weak on speakers, but much better on headphones.