What’s next in WTO case

Update, July 2: The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. This Defense News article details plans by a US company to offer a Russian airplane in the KC-X competition.

Photo from Defense News

Talk about a foreign, subsidized airplane….

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Here is a good Reuters report about what’s next in the Airbus WTO report.

The EU complaint against Boeing is still in WTO hands; the Interim Report is due July 16. There will be a new round of spin machines.

As far as we’re concerned, there is a pox on both houses…..

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  1. The question is how substantial is the pox..how much has it affected the patient (s) ..and is there a cure

    There are alot of doctors out there with diagnosis and prescriptions. But it will take the hospital staff to issue the medecine

    The idea is to get both patients back to health and fair competition

  2. BUT FIRST … will there be a winner in the P****** contest ?

    Whose mother wears combat boots ?

    • He, I thinks it is more like
      Whose mother has round heels?

      RLI seems to be an effective political tools for industrial guidance.

      It is mandatory for Boeing to kill such tools.

  3. Interesting re the report. a few of the items that WTO accepted then BA position. hard to tell exactly due to [***] which indicate non-public or propietary info.
    copied from page F-13

    1449 Not only did Boeing neglect leasing companies as
    potential customers, but Boeing decided to compete with
    them by providing LCA financing support to airlines
    itself.58 [***59] It created “Aircraft Financial Services”
    (“AFS”), a group under Boeing Capital Corporation
    (“BCC”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing
    Company. AFS was intended to provide financing for
    Boeing commercial aircraft. Instead of transferring the
    risks and benefits associated with aircraft financing to
    the leasing companies – as Airbus did – Boeing kept, to
    a certain extent, the financing of aircraft in-house in an
    attempt to make further profits. Thereby, Boeing added
    a further risk to its LCA business. In other words, a
    crisis like the one caused by 9/11 would hit Boeing
    twice – first, its LCA manufacturing business, and at the
    same time also its financing business.
    The Panel sustains the US
    1451 Airbus’s strategy of securing orders with leasing
    companies proved to be very valuable following the
    events of 9/11, the resulting global economic downturn,
    and the Asian SARS crisis. [***.60 ***.61 ***.62


    Looks like the ONLY people who can decipher the report will be BA and EADS/Airbus.

    Thus the ‘ mine is bigger than yours ‘ or Mom always liked you best PR.

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