Updates on Airbus, Boeing events

Aviation Week has this long and detailed story about the Airbus A380/Qantas engine failure.

Qantas A380s remain grounded indefinitely.

KING 5 (NBC, Seattle) has this account of the Boeing 787 fire.

KIRO TV (CBS, Seattle) has this item about the FAA and the 787’s certification tests.

Flightglobal reports an FAA pilot was at the controls when the 787 fire broke out.

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  1. I would expect that QF will keep the A-380 grounded until parts arrive and are placed in the engines, that could take a few weeks to a month.

    I would also expect ZA-002 to be grounded for a while, but it may be approved to fly back to Boeing Field on a one time flight. The other B-787 test aircraft may be flying again as early as next week.

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