U-Turn Al does it again

Airbus scheduled a 10am press conference to announce an order with Qatar for A320neos and the A380. The room was filling when an Airbus spokesman said the press conference would be delayed. The reason: CEO Akbar Al-Baker was stuck in traffic. Given the notorious traffic, confounded by rain, this was entirely plausible.

The conference did not get rescheduled Wednesday.

Reuters reports Al-Baker was “not yet” ready to place the order.

3 Comments on “U-Turn Al does it again

  1. Maybe he is looking at the B-747-8I again as well as a sweetened deal from Boeing on B-737NGs?

  2. The 748i is of no interest for most of the airlines – and that certainly includes Qatar.

  3. Isn’t the first one for their VIP fleet? LH order the “I”, so did KE, and at least one or two other airlines.

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