CSeries order intact, says Republic; CFM offered “great incentives” for engine deal

Bombardier’s CSeries order with Republic Airways Holdings, announced today at the Paris Air Show, is intact, says the company spokesman.

Peter Kowalchuk told us late Wednesday (Paris time) that there is no change in the CSeries order, despite the Airbus one announced today for 40 A320neos and 40 A319neos. First delivery, of the A319neo, is in 2016.

The first CSeries is scheduled for delivery in 2015.

Republic selected the CFM LEAP engine for the neo, which some viewed as a surprise given the CSeries is powered by Pratt & Whitney’s GTF. Kowalchuk said the competition was fierce, and added, “CFM’s offer was significantly stepped up with great incentives.” He declined to name them.

He also declined to comment whether GECAS, a sister company to CFM, and a lessor of much of Republic’s fleet of Airbuses, E-Jets and CRJs, cut lease rates as part of Republic’s financial restructuring. Republic previously said it had to cut $100m in costs and subsidiary Frontier’s viability was in doubt without cost cuts.

6 Comments on “CSeries order intact, says Republic; CFM offered “great incentives” for engine deal

  1. No suprize CFM / GE / Gecas pushed this through. They needed the LEAP get going after PW made such a unexpected strong comeback during the last 2 years. I kind had written PW off after they dominated the first half of the jet age. IMO an enormous accomplishment for the persistent people at PW, congratulations!

    (Off topic; excellent lean but nice mobile browser this site has, even on the little screen of my E71, good choice)

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  3. The Cseries schedule announced at Farnborough last year had EIS in 2013. Is 2015 a typo, or did they have a schedule slip?

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