American to announce big order Wednesday

Flightblogger confirms American will announce a big single-aisle order Wednesday.

We understand it will be a split between Airbus and Boeing. We think we have a basic understanding of the broad details but not yet solid enough to go into print. We’re working on it.

Wednesday is also American’s 2Q earnings call. The announcement is expected before the call, so expect lots of conversation on the call. The webcast information is here.




12 Comments on “American to announce big order Wednesday

  1. Well, that pretty much settles it. This can only be a split order of some 200 B-737-800s and 50 A-321NEOs.

  2. It should and would have been an all new 7X7 order from AA, if it had
    not been for the tragic and costly three year delay with 787 program
    AND the launch of the poorly selling and also delayed 747-8, all at the
    same time!

  3. My bet is – very uncreatively – on 739ER and A321, although I would under this scenario see significantly more than 50 A321s. More in the 75 to 100 region.

    Then again, I somehow wouldn’t rule out some A320s as well. If what I have been reading is to be believed, 737-800 and A320 perform better on different sectors, the 738 supposedly being better on shorter hauls routes.
    If that is really the case, they could easily justify getting exactly the appropriate amount of 738s and A320 for those legs they’re best suited for. After all, if they bought A321, they’d already introduce the A32S family anyway – maintenance and pilot training complexity doesn’t really increase by introducing A320s along with A321s. At the same time, it might bring up the total numbers to a point where Airbus is willing to give them a better deal than they would get if AA went for a lower number of A321s.

    Again, I don’t know if my basic assumption here is true, and if it is, wether it can be played out to much effect on AA’s network. If the answer is “yes” to both points, a 738/A320/A321 order would make sense in my eyes, though.

    If any part of the order does go to Airbus, oeo vs. neo would still be an open item – if AA really are as keen as some suggest, I’d expect a mix, with a potential agreement from Airbus to take back oeos as neo comes on line.

    • The rumors have attained speed of light and only increase in mass now:

      400+ planes in a split order 😉

  4. KC135TopBoom :
    Well, that pretty much settles it. This can only be a split order of some 200 B-737-800s and 50 A-321NEOs.

    Your supply of Kool Aid must be ENDLESS!

  5. afromme :
    I doubt many people outside France and Germany will get that reference

    Hmm, WP says published worldwide but less well known in the US and Japan.
    Oh, well, lots of opportunity to expand ones education.

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