Predictably, Airbus and Boeing claim victory in WTO appeals case

The report is now public and to no surprise, Airbus and Boeing (and the surrogates, the EU and US Trade Representatives) each claim victory.

This excerpt from a Bloomberg report neatly paints the picture.

World Trade Organization appellate judges sided with the U.S. over illegal government subsidies to Boeing Co., the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office said. Airbus SAS called the ruling a “sweeping loss” for Boeing.

AirInsight published the press releases of Airbus and Boeing.

The news services on the Internet haven’t yet posted a full range of reports (as of 0910PDT Monday). We’re not going to bother posting the statements of the warring parties, reflecting our disdain of the entire process in the first place. Readers may search Google News, Yahoo News, et al. and comment–but a reminder to be mindful of our Comment Rules.

9 Comments on “Predictably, Airbus and Boeing claim victory in WTO appeals case

  1. Boeing’s official press release seems to be quite light in facts compared to the Airbus one. It sort of gives a hint on who the real winner is here…

  2. I’ll say it again: Boeing, please STOP this “BOONDOGGLE” for the lawyers
    and invest those monies in a better 737MAX, or a (new) 777!

  3. This is the essence of the matter: Appeal Report confirms and extends the WTO’s condemnation of massive illegal subsidies to Boeing
    Appellate Body rejects nearly 90% of US appeals of the WTO’s earlier findings while validating 100% of EU appeals
    Loss of roughly $45 billion in Airbus sales due to illegal Boeing subsidies
    B787 is the most heavily subsidized aircraft in aviation history

  4. Whilst neither manufacturer is totally vindicated, the report clearly identifies where equilibriam of blame lies, the main culprit here is beyond doubt.

    Time for Boeing to lick it’s wounds, get up & continue to make excellent aircraft on a more level playing field.

  5. So now is it time to compare the two findings (EU vs US and US vs EU), see who got a little more and give that money to some charity.
    Clean sheet, agree on future subsidy rules and move on

    For anyone that thinks gov’t subsidies in our industry will stop in future, I’ve got some beautiful Oceanside property in Kansas for sale – cheap!

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