Boeing Board OKs offering 777X

It’s been the worst kept secret of the past few weeks: the Boeing Board of Directors has authorized offering the 777X to airlines. Dominic Gates has this story, and more are coming from The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and others.

Update, 6pm PDT:

Here’s the WSJ article (subscription may be required).

Here’s the NYT article (we got this off Google News so it should be readily available to anyone).

Update, 7pm PDT: Dominic Gates has more information, including where the 777X might be built

7 Comments on “Boeing Board OKs offering 777X

  1. Nearly all over the world length is measured in meter. Maybe wing span is measured in foot and inch.

  2. IIRC, Boeing has yet to formerly launch the B-787-10, which was authorized for offers last year. Does it still have any interest from the airlines/leasing companies? Which will formerly be launched first? B-787-10? B-777-9X?

    Waiting until the end of this decade for the first B-777-X to EIS still gives the B-747-8I a chance for more orders. The B-747-8F will continue on even after the B-777-X EIS.

    A better question is what impact could the B-777-X have on the A-380?

  3. You’re correct, KC. The 787-10 had an ATO last year, but no launch yet (expected later this year).
    Waiting for the end of the decade doesn’t have anything to do with the 747-8, or at least not directly. It’s the earliest new engines will be available.
    An even better question is “what impact could the B-777-8X have on the 787-10X?

    • A long phase of solidification seems to come with all new Boeing models nowadays ;-?
      NEO, 787-10, 777x .. Contrast with the 787 “gestation”.
      ( While Airbus does a bit of “shapeshifting” later on as seen on the A350-1000 😉

  4. Rudy Hillinga Why is filling out these two lines a new equirement every time I write somethingScott?

    Part Quote “The B–747-8F will continue on even after the B-777-X EIS”
    Are you kidding, my friend? The 747-8l and the -8F are both dead ducks,
    because the -8F at $300,- Mill. list-price, or a $150,-discounted price,
    cannot compete with many hundreds of 747-400s already in the N. desert
    and available for conversion to Fs, for a total unit cost of appr. $50.- Mill!
    As I stated earlier, Boeing was ill-advised and too late with the 747-8 in
    May of 2001, as a reaction to the A380 launched in Jan. that same year!
    Why? Sheer arrogance at Boeing!
    Example: CEO Phil Condit assured me personally in Nov.of 1999, with
    the following “famous last words:”
    “Rudy, I will give you my personal guarantees, that Airbus will NEVER
    (be able to) launch the A3XX,” after I urged him to at least assume what
    would happen to the 747 program, if they did manage to do so!
    Airbus has now sold 300+ A380s after 10 years, the equivalent of appr.
    500 747s, and about the same number of 747s Boeing had sold within
    the first decade after it was launched!
    And as a result, I repeat: “The 747-8l AND F, are both dead ducs!”

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