Previous Honeywell ELTs subject to EASA, Canadian AD notes

Previous Electronic Locator Transmitters have been subject to Airworthiness Directives from the European EASA and Canadian regulators.

We have a query into Honeywell for comment.

4 Comments on “Previous Honeywell ELTs subject to EASA, Canadian AD notes

  1. Good find. Its interesting since the problem is failure to transmit a signal, but it is cited as a potential hazard to passengers, which means the wiring was seen as more than just a functional issue. Well done. Christine

    • I think the potential hazard for the passengers is related to the fact that if the unit is unable to send a signal the surviving passengers of a crash would not be easily located because the ELT would remain silent.

  2. Yes, but that was four years ago. We can assume that for the aircraft involved in the Heathrow incident the ELT had been updated. Anyway, I don’t see an obvious link with a potential battery runaway, even if the Honeywell service bulletin had not been carried out.

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