Tonight’s IAM 751-Boeing 777X contract vote (Update, 9p)

Vote results and IAM 751 statement are here.

We’ll be at IAM 751’s headquarters tonight for the vote results. Follow us on Twitter @leehamnews for news throughout the evening from around 7pm. We’ll post results here when announced, which is estimated between 8-9pm PST. Depending on how things are going, we may also update this post during the evening before the results are in. Update, 7:30pm: We’re at IAM 751 HQ awaiting the vote. Vote counting is done here and is either underway or done at the other locations except Everett, where high turnout and slow process delayed counting, which was estimated to begin at 7:30. IAM officials don’t know yet how long it will take to complete the counting and call in the results. We’re still standing by for result announcements around 9pm until advised otherwise. Unlike the November 13 vote, it’s very quiet here. The prediction is for a “no” vote. We shall see.

Update 8:30pm: Nothing new, still in holding pattern.

Update 9pm: Everett done counting, results in about 20 min, now said to be too close to call.

3 Comments on “Tonight’s IAM 751-Boeing 777X contract vote (Update, 9p)

  1. This whole mess reminds me of the words to a very old song of nonsense

    from memory

    ” early one morning- late last night
    two dead men got up to fight ( BA and IAM ?
    back to back they faced each other
    drew their swords- and shot each other !!

  2. I haven’t hear that in a long time.

    I would say its more Boeing Chicago (and Connors bought off by a fake VP title)

    Unions maybe before the 737 contract extension which I thought was well done on both sides but I suspect Chicago Mafia had nothing to do with it (you didn’t know the Irish had their own Mafia did you?) Crime boss is crime boss and the Irish were up there with the best back in the day

  3. ou didn’t know the Irish had their own Mafia did you?–

    I have a relative now deceased who spent most of her life in Boston- Compared to the Irish version, the Italian mafia were relative wimps and kindergarten tyoes.
    She was an insurance underwriter and dealt in Boats. A key word was ‘ does he have a rusty rudder ? when asked to write a policy for certain types since boats had a habit of blowing up from time to time.

    And everyone knew on what corner the ‘ local” types were headquartered. Ever hear of Whitey Bulger ?

    And then there was the time when a ‘ dons ‘ spouse went out for lunch in a local restraunt. Seems some dummy stole her cadillac out of the parking lot. A phone calls were made – and within an hour or so, it reappeared – in a different color !

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