Zunum Aero is betting on better batteries tomorrow and the day after

By Dan Catchpole


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Oct. 15, 2018, © Leeham News: Battery technology today leaves a lot to be desired. The energy density of even the most advanced batteries are a sliver of the density in good, old jet fuel.

But batteries pack enough power to lift Zunum Aero’s business plan to develop a gas-electric hybrid airplane. The startup company is convinced battery technology will improve fast enough in coming decades to ensure its airplanes will just keep getting more competitive.

“We come up with an airplane that is pretty good now, and fantastic in 10 years, and just keeps getting better after that,” Zunum co-founder and CTO Matt Knapp told LNC.


  • Zunum Aero’s business case rests on improvements in energy density and other elements of battery technology.
  • The results of a fundraising round in 2019 could affect whether the planned EIS holds at 2023 or slips further right.
  • Zunum Aero is confident that its ZA10 will be a success, and it has long-term plans for 50-seat and even 100-seat aircraft.

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