Seattle Times, reporting team win Pulitzer Prize for Boeing 737 MAX coverage

May 5, 2020, © Leeham News: The Seattle Times and its reporting team won a Pulitzer Prize, it was announced yesterday, for its coverage of the Boeing 737 MAX crisis.

The team is Dominic Gates, Steve Miletich, Mike Baker and Lewis Kamb.

Gates has been the aerospace reporter since 2003. Miletich provided outstanding coverage from legal perspectives. Baker and Kamb joined with Gates and Miletich in ground-breaking reporting that more often than not led national newspapers in MAX coverage.

Dominic Gates, in front of Boeing 737s. Seattle Times photo.

This is one in a series of awards the reporting received for its MAX coverage. The Pulitzer is considered to be the gold standard in journalism.

We at LNA join with fellow reporters from across the profession in congratulating this team and The Times for this richly deserved recognition.

11 Comments on “Seattle Times, reporting team win Pulitzer Prize for Boeing 737 MAX coverage

  1. All kudos to the Seattle Times team, their reporting has been accurate, fair and objective. They’ve been responsible journalists and have utilized their contacts within Boeing really well.

    Reuters also has been a good source, as well as Bloomberg and Forbes. New York Times and Washington Post not quite as good, but not for lack of effort or coverage.

    Scott, Bjorn and other Leeham contributors are often cited in the award-winning stories, so although there is no equivalent prize for sourcing and lending insight & context, kudos to everyone at Leeham as well. We all appreciate this site and your contributions to understanding the issues. I’m sure the team at Seattle Times does too.

  2. It is a pleasure to see that the results of all of these reporters’ efforts have been recognized with the finest of awards.
    A career effort.
    Nice going to each of you.

  3. We can add in Peter Lemme aka Satcom Guy as a huge contributing source for understanding the in depth tech portion.

  4. Congrats to the whole team for this amazing award.

    The Times has been my go to source for accurate information
    on the MAX saga. I gave up trying to follow the story thru
    forums like….. to much drama and noise.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  5. Amen to all the above. Congratulations to Dominic and all his contributors, including the Times’ (usually unsung) production staff. I hope Woodward and Bernstein appreciate the company they are keeping with these guys.

  6. YEP Congrats to Seattle Times AND also leeham and satguru and Bjorn. Collectively mostly accurate and detailed coverage, including many of the resulting comments.

    It also used to be that PPrune was a good goto source, but for some reason an obvious stifling of certain related discussions involving AOA, trim wheel, and MCAS issues reduced participation by well qualified pilots.

    It will be interesting to see the results of Annual meeting re votes for the BOD

  7. Congratualtion to Dominic & the team.

    It deserves respect to tell what is happening when “official confirmation” is no where to be found and the public doesn’t like what is happening.

    Going with the flow & tell what people love to hear is much easier. And will get you invited on special events, interviews and the challets.

  8. These guys have been very courageous.
    not only they have not been saying “what people love to hear” as Kees is saying
    But they have raised issues that people certainly hated to hear, kind of treason of the local king.
    and by the way, causing massive losses on their shares, with a major impact on their retirement quality of life
    Everybody know the proverb “shoot the messenger”
    only an image here in Europe, but in the US????
    we can frequently hear that some people are just insane, and there are much too many guns around…
    Very courageous indeed, and this prize is 1000% deserved

  9. It’s very telling that the praise is universal, from people who credit them for blowing the whistle, to people who credit them for presenting the opposite view as well. A sign of good reporting as both viewpoints were enhanced by factual presentation. A sign of good and balanced reporting.

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