ICAO report outlines steps to reduce aviation’s carbon output

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Sept. 5, 2022, © Leeham News: Saying the climate crisis now is at “Code Red for Humanity,” the UN-sponsored International Civil Aviation Organization is calling on nations and companies to increase their investments toward techniques and technologies that can reduce aviation’s climate impact.

It won’t be easy, ICAO said in its Environmental Report 2022, which was released in July. 

The aviation industry will be one of the hardest to ween off carbon-based forms of energy, a recent report concluded. 

“Scaling the production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and other energy sources requires substantial investment and financial support from both fuel suppliers and governments on top of what would be needed for associated infrastructural changes,” the report said. “This is particularly important, considering that the drop-in fuels have the largest potential to reduce the overall emission from international aviation by 2050.”

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