A deep dive into the twin-aisle market

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By Vincent Valery


Feb. 20, 2023, © Leeham News: Last month, LNA analyzed the single-aisle market order opportunities for Airbus, Boeing, COMAC, Embraer, and UAC. We now focus on the twin-aisle duopoly of Airbus and Boeing.

Unlike in the single-aisle market, Boeing leads in market share: 64% nominally and 69% after Boeing’s at-risk ASC 606 adjustments and LNA’s assessment for Airbus, which doesn’t publish at-risk order numbers. If we exclude government and freighter orders, Boeing's market share lead is 60% and 65% after at-risk adjustments.

However, the A330ceo family has the broadest operator base, and there are still almost 1,000 units in passenger service. LNA investigates the order twin-aisle aircraft order books and assesses replacement opportunities for both OEMs based on the in-service fleet.

  • Boeing has the edge in the in-service fleet;
  • Breaking down the order books between replacements and growth;
  • Keep track of order choices for older-generation operators;
  • Flip orders and airlines that did not order;
  • The twin-aisle freighter market.

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