Military contracts exempt from government subsidies

A new round of news articles has emerged concerning launch aid to Airbus for the A350. This one is typical. It and others tied the subsidies identified in the long-running WTO case received by Airbus to the proposed… Read More

Government subsidies for healthy companies

Two news items caught our eye this morning. The first was the financial reporting for EADS today. Although EADS reported a small loss on foreign exchange and financing costs, the company increased its cash position. This came under… Read More

Airbus: A400M, Future funding

With tanker news dominating this week, there are a few Airbus items that haven’t received much attention: the A400M, future airplane program funding and the A350. (Updated September 26.) A400M This disastrous program appears heading for some resolution…. Read More

Launch aid for the A350

This is the seventh in a series of reports from the EADS media day and the Paris Air Show. It is becoming increasingly clear that Airbus is almost certain to tap launch aid from its member states (France,… Read More