Analyzing Boeing’s 90-Day Plan

Subscription Required By the Leeham News Team Analysis June 3, 2024, © Leeham News: There is no timetable for Boeing to gain approval to boost production rates of the 737 MAX. And there is no timetable for the… Read More

FAA, Boeing meet; “They must follow through on corrective actions.” Update 3: Boeing’s issues its statement

Update #3: Boeing released its own press release. Here it is: Boeing’s plan is based on findings from FAA audits, recommendations from the FAA’s ACSAA panel review and feedback from our employees. This Safety and Quality Plan generally… Read More

Pontifications: Boeing violated previous FAA ODA, SMS demands—Been there, done that

March 5, 2024, © Leeham News: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last week gave The Boeing Co. 90 days to come up with a real program that has measurable results to fix safety and quality shortcomings. The move… Read More