L-3 appears out as EADS partner

Update, April 16, 0900 PDT: Reuters moved this story this morning about EADS options dwindling away. DOD Buzz has this analysis on why EADS needs a partner. Original Post: Reuters just moved this report that L-3 is probably… Read More

Boeing seeks cybersecurity recruits

Boeing’s Defense unit created a cybersecurity division a few years ago as the company recognized the growing threat to national security and the need to diversify from traditional weaponry with changing defense needs. Here is a story today… Read More

EADS may bid for tanker after all

Update, Mar. 19, 230PM PDT: Just when you thought this couldn’t get any weirder, Russia announced it plans to submit a bid to the KC-X, according to The Wall Street Journal: By PETER SANDERS In another twist to… Read More

Get over it and move on

In the three days following the withdrawal by Northrop Grumman from the KC-X tanker competition over its conclusion that the Final Request for Proposals for the USAF aerial tanker was irretrievably skewed toward the smaller Boeing KC-767, Northrop… Read More

Northrop, EADS to skip tanker bid

Update, March 9, 7am PST: EADS will not independently bid for the KC-X contract, Market Watch reports. Update, 1pm PST: Northrop will no-bid and not protest, we have confirmed. EADS is undecided whether to proceed with a bid… Read More

Boeing selects KC-767 for Tanker

Boeing, as expected, announced that it will offer the KC-767 to the US Air Force for the KC-X aerial refueling tanker competition. The press release is below the jump. There are a couple of very specific references in… Read More

Northrop may decide on KC-X this week or next

Northrop Grumman may decide this week or next what it will do about the bid for the USAF KC-X Final Request for Proposal, Leeham.net understands. Northrop has said frequently and clearly that it may not bid because it… Read More

KC-X FRFP due Feb. 23; does a report hint on outcome?

The Final Request for Proposals for the USAF’s KC-X aerial tanker is due to be issued Feb. 23. The controversial and hotly contested procurement between Boeing and Northrop Grumman is supposed to be decided as a result of… Read More

Murtha death bad news for Northrop tanker bid

The death today of US Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, means US Rep. Norm Dicks (D-Boeing/WA) will likely succeed him, and this is bad news for Northrop Grumman and its bid for the… Read More

Tanker, 787, 747

Last week was quite active in aerospace and so were we, unable to post. So here’s a recap of some of the things that occurred and our thoughts. More politics and the Tanker For the past two years… Read More