Reflections of a whirl-wind week in the news cycle

This is one of those moments where jet-lag induced sleep patterns give us a moment to catch our breath. What a week it’s been in the news cycle. We came to Europe on routine business and from the… Read More

Our thoughts on the Boeing-SPEEA “Best and Final” offers

For a few short moments we thought there were offers close enough to be reasonable middle ground to head off a strike between Boeing and its engineers’ union, SPEEA. We’re looking at this from afar, figuratively and literally–we’re… Read More

SPEEA negotiators recommend member rejection of Boeing contract offer

So much for being encouraged.  SPEEA’s press release: Boeing rejects SPEEA offer, escalating conflict SEATTLE – In a move that escalates its mounting problems, The Boeing Company today (Jan. 17) rejected union offers to extend existing contracts and… Read More

Boeing presents best and final offer in SPEEA contract talks

It’s in: Boeing’s Best and Final. Boeing concedes on medical, it says, but still wants pension relief for new employees. Says it will roll forward the current contract. The press release sounds like it pretty much accepts the… Read More

Airbus annual press conference: Passed 12,000 orders since inception, more than 9,000 single-aisle

We’re at the Airbus Annual Press Conference for the 2012 results, the first of several stops on our Europe trip. Participants are: Fabrice Breigier, CEO (FB) Gunter Butschek, COO (GB) John Leahy, COO-Customers (JL) Tom Williams, EVP Programs… Read More

It’s official: Boeing regains lead as No. 1 aircraft producer, sales king, but victory overshadowed by 787 crisis

On a day when Boeing would normally be celebrating its return as the world’s number one aircraft producer and retaking the order crown, the 787 crisis over shadow’s the Airbus 2012 Results review in which the European OEM… Read More

Putting perspective on the 787

Update: The Wall Street Journal has a long article (subscription required) discussing the problem and the possibility the FAA could release the 787s for service if it approves interim steps designed by Boeing. It also has this illustration:… Read More