We’re off to Svalbard (we know: ‘where’s that?’)

One piece of business: AirInsight has a lot of videos from the Paris Air Show, interviews with key people. Go here for the full listing.

And we’re off….

Long-time readers know we like to do unusual things–like our trip to far north Alaska in 2010, photographing polar bears, musk ox, the Northern Lights and driving the 550 mile haul road (well, others did the actual driving) between Fairbanks and the oil fields. Or like our African photo safari trip in 2000. Or or DC-7B excursion. And more recently our DC-3 ride.

We’re at it again. We’re off to Svalbard.

The most common reaction we get is a blank stare, followed by “where’s that?”

The maps show where it is.


We’re going for the wildlife, including polar bears (again). For what it’s worth, Svalbard is also where seeds from plant life all over the world are stored in case mankind is stupid enough to blow ourselves up, providing a source to reintroduce plant life.

We’ll also be stopping elsewhere in Scandinavia. We’ll be gone through July 10. We may have limited opportunity to post while we’re gone (our travel stuff, not aviation stuff).

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27 comments on “We’re off to Svalbard (we know: ‘where’s that?’)

  1. There’s also an airship museum there documenting the attempts of balloonist Andrée, airshipman Walter Wlelmann and others (Zeppelin in particular) to set up a base from which to fly to the North Pole. Enjoy!

  2. I was on a 180 (?) seat 3.5 hour low costs trip once and it was pretty unacceptable, I hurt my knees. I guess galleys/lavs will have to go. No doubt SpaceFlex is in. I don’t how many inches it takes.

    As you can see, it integrates two lavatories in one compartment. For more privacy you are free to buy a First class ticket or use facilities at the gate.


    Have a good week-end.

  3. Have a nice trip! Seems we are trading places, I am usually in Scandinavia, but now in Seattle… off to the Museum of Flight soon!

  4. Have a very nice trip, I wish i had the opportunity to shake your hand here in the western part of Denmark, but I am off to Turkey in this period.

  5. Enjoy! A friend has made several work trips to Svalbard (satellites …) and it looks like an awesome place to visit.

  6. Interesting comments made by Guy Hachey to the National Post at the Paris Air Show:

    It give us a better idea where the CSeries might be in its preparation for first flight.

  7. mhalblaub :
    What you see there is lavatory in PRM mode for a wheelchair to fit in.
    Video here http://www.airbus.com/presscentre/pressreleases/press-release-detail/detail/airbus-launches-space-flex-cabin-option-with-tam-airlines-order/#
    shows that the lavatories could be reconfigured during flight.

    I know, I know ;)

    Btw. Michael O’Leary is willing to order 200 737-8 MAX, with 199 seats, even if it takes Boeing 2 years extra.


    • Not only two years but also the toilets. O’Leary said in your link: “But you know, it seems to me a very simple thing: take out a couple of toilets and stick in six extra seats; let’s do it today.”
      Will Ryanair offer Maximum Absorbency Garment for $5 before boarding?

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