Alaska Air history worthy

A new history, just published, of Alaska Airlines and sister company Horizon Air is worthy of adding to any aviation book collection. Written by aviation historian Robert J. Serling, now all of 90 years old, the book was… Read More

Touring 787 line

We had the opportunity last week to tour the 787 production line. There is optimism that the program is back on track, though there appears to be an emerging hiccup. We toured the line before information began emerging… Read More

Boeing: Back to the public well

This story in The Seattle Times outlines plans by Washington State legislators to pony up new tax breaks for Boeing for the 737 replacement. The information came out of the new Aerospace Futures Alliance, which media revealed previously… Read More

Aerospace sector tanks

In some non-tanker news, the aerospace sector tanked on the New York markets today. BE Aerospace, down 12.13%, $3.69 to $26.74 Spirit AeroSystems, down 8.63%, $2.04 to $21.60 Boeing: down 6.9%, $5.15 to $69.64. and so on…. Interestingly,… Read More

GAO Report issued

We haven’t read it, but here is it, all 67 pages in PDF form. b-311344__boeing__redacted_decision. Update, 1215 PM PDT: We’ve completed a quick read of the GAO decision. In it, the GAO found–as previously reported–for Boeing on a… Read More

USAF to GAO: Drop Dead

A reader just brought this report to our attention, which if true, is a real bombshell; it’s from Top OSD Officials Think Tanker Deal Can Go Ahead Senior Pentagon and Air Force officials who have read the… Read More

Full GAO report expected this week

The full, 69-page GAO report is expected to be issued this week, redacted of proprietary information. The report could be issued as early as today, we’re told. As soon as we get it, we’ll post it. Meantime, fired… Read More

Cargo leader’s son killed

According to this story, the son of Connie Kalitta was killed in a racing car accident. Connie is the owner of cargo carrier Kalitta Air, a Boeing 747F operator. He also was a race car driver before retiring… Read More

GAO decision–only the tip of the iceberg?

Newsweek has a piece about US Sen. John McCain and the KC-X tanker competition, quoting an unidentified Pentagon official about McCain’s involvement. This is the first article we’ve seen quoting a Pentagon official. As readers know, we were… Read More

Economist piece on Airbus

In a welcome reprieve from the tanker saga, here’s an interesting piece about Airbus and the A380 from The Economist.