Hazy has deal to buy ILFC

Bloomberg News has a story quoting the head of mega-lessor saying he has a deal to buy International Lease Finance Corp. from insurance giant AIG. ILFC is the largest customer of Airbus and Boeing. It owns and manages… Read More

Boeing and the Southern strategy?

Steve Wilhelm of the Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) has a long story about Southern states “eyeing” Boeing in the wake of the IAM strike. Speculation has been rampant (in peaks and valleys) that Boeing might be fed… Read More

Is Boeing fundamentally sound?

Addison Schonland and Richard Aboulafia join us in a 19 minute podcast discussing whether Boeing is fundamentally and structurally sound. This follows comments by Boeing Commercial Airplanes President Scott Carson at a Credit Suisse conference saying so. Do… Read More

Delta to buy from Boeing–and Airbus

James Wallace today confirmed what we predicted from the get-go when Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines announced its merger months ago: that Delta, long a solid Boeing customer, will buy from Airbus. Wallace is the aerospace writer… Read More

747-8 delayed by 9 months

Boeing just announced what we were the first to predict nearly a year ago: flight testing and delivery of the 747-8 will be delayed. The press release is here. Boeing announced a nine month-long delay, in part due… Read More

SPEEA strike authorization vote set

Negotiations between Boeing and SPEEA appear to have taken a discouraging turn. SPEEA scheduled a strike authorization vote by the Council (SPEEA’s parliament) to authorize a strike vote by the membership. The strike vote of the general membership… Read More

Capital market meltdown

What is the difference between a pidgeon and an investment banker? A pidgeon can still leave a deposit on a BMW.

SPEEA negotiations update

Update, November 11: We’re cautiously optimistic a settlement will be reached without a strike. Original Post: A strike authorization vote by SPEEA members is scheduled for tomorrow in the contract negotiations with Boeing, but it’s likely to be… Read More

767 sales keep line alive for tanker

Boeing last week announced an order for four more 767s (in this case, -300ERs) that help keep the line alive pending a new competition for the USAF aerial tanker. Boeing previously booked an order for nine 767s for… Read More

Were they at the same meetings?

Boeing and SPEEA have two very different views of the progress of the bargaining to date and contract offer that was presented by Boeing to the engineers’ union Thursday. The SPEEA contract expires December 1. Many of the… Read More