Albaugh retires, replaced by Ray Conner

Update: 8:00am PDT June 27: The Seattle Times has a detailed story, including indications why Albaugh chose to retire. Original Post: In shocking news, Boeing announced that Jim Albaugh is stepping down as CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes… Read More

American Icon: Saving Ford and Alan Mulally

We just finished the new book, American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company. It is well worth reading. There’s very little about Mulally and his time at Boeing, though there are lots of… Read More

Bits and Pieces

This is the sixth of a series of posts from the EAD media day and the Paris Air Show…. There are always bits and pieces picked up at these things that don’t fit anywhere else.

Is Boeing fundamentally sound?

Addison Schonland and Richard Aboulafia join us in a 19 minute podcast discussing whether Boeing is fundamentally and structurally sound. This follows comments by Boeing Commercial Airplanes President Scott Carson at a Credit Suisse conference saying so. Do… Read More