FAA responds to 787 fastener issue

When we were preparing our report about Boeing planning to operate its 787 flight testing program with some non-conforming fasterners still installed on the first six test aircraft, Boeing responded to our inquiries by noting that it worked… Read More

SPEEA to Wichita: Reject contract

SPEEA, the Boeing engineer’s union, today urged its members at Boeing Wichita/IDS to reject Boeing’s last contract. In this market, observers probably think SPEEA is looney, but SPEEA believes Boeing is gearing up to sell the plant and… Read More

Split tanker buy: Murtha

He didn’t get much notice last year when he said it, but US Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), a key member in the House and generally one sympathetic to Boeing, is urging a split buy between Boeing and Northrop… Read More

767-400: sold

Boeing sold its 767-400 that was built as the USAF E10 test bed and which we kept asking (without response) if Boeing might convert to a prototype for a bid for a “KC-764” aerial tanker. Flight Global has… Read More

Boeing posts loss in 4Q

Update, 3:30 PM PST: It’s been a busy day responding to media requests for comment about Boeing’s financial results and earnings call. This gives us a feel for how the media viewed the call and the issues they… Read More

Boeing reports 787 order cancellation

Update, 10:00 PST We’ve learned that the cancellation is not from the customer we thought, so that one is still pending. So who’s got 15 orders? Air China China Eastern Dubai Aerospace S7 Group Virgin Atlantic We know… Read More

EADS/Airbus says ‘No’ to Air Force One competition

EADS and its subsidiary Airbus won’t compete for the Air Force competition to replace the US President’s Air Force One. The very idea of the President of the United States possibly flying around in a French airplane was… Read More

Financing Airbus, Boeing customers

Too much is being made over a decision by France to funnel cash through French banks for the express purpose of providing financing to Airbus customers. France will provide $6.5 billion to the banks for loans to the… Read More

2009 ‘Year of Boeing tanker’

The head of the Boeing Tanker Program call this the ‘Year of the Tanker,” according to a news release from the company. In the news release, Dave Bowman, VP and GM of the program, vows to win the… Read More

787 test planes to retain temp fasteners

All six Boeing 787s slated to be test airplanes in the certification program will retain an undisclosed number of temporary fasteners, we’ve learned. Temporary fasteners became a cause célèbre, it will be remembered, when Airplane #1 used for… Read More