2008 Boeing Orders: Not bad

Boeing reported its 2008 orders on January 8 and the headlines screamed that they were less than half 2007’s record number. Well, no kidding. Nobody, including Boeing, aerospace analysts and pontificators such as ourselves, expected that Boeing would… Read More

Boeing cost-cutting initiative for flight testing

Look for a major internal reorganization to be announced, perhaps as soon as tomorrow (Jan. 8), for a major cost-cutting initiative across the company to reduce flight testing costs. Update, January 12: here it is.

2009: Recovery for Boeing, Challenges at Airbus

Update, January 10: Bloomberg News reports EADS says it will be three years after the A400M’s first test flight–which remains unscheduled–before Airbus will ship the airplane to customers. This is hardly good news. Original Post: Commercial Aviation enters… Read More

Gov. Boeing to Commerce?

Update, 08:15 AM PST Tuesday: Turns out Gregoire is on a sight-seeing visit to Iraq to see Washington National Guard troops. With a $6bn budget deficit in the state, we wonder how much this is costing Washington taxpayers…. Read More

McNerney profile falls short

The first book profiling Boeing CEO James McNerney falls short. The book, You Can’t Order Change: Lessons from Jim McNerney’s Turnaround at Boeing, attempts to give credit to McNerney for turning around Boeing. In many respects, McNerney has… Read More