Boeing KC-7A7 tanker briefing

This is the fourth in a series of reports from the EADS media day and the Paris Air Show. We will be off-line Wednesday while returning to to USA. Source: Winds of Change. Rendering of the KC-767 and… Read More

Deja vu all over again

The third in series of articles from the EADS media day and the Paris Air Show…. Your competitor has designed a new airplane that promises to be 20% more efficient than yours. You are involved in a costly… Read More

KC-777 ready to go?

Update, 6:00PM Paris Time: By now readers probably have seen the news from the Air Show on this topic: Boeing is prepared to offer either a 777-based tanker or a 767-based tanker, depending on the RFP requirements. Bloomberg… Read More

Aerospace Journalist of the Year

Geoffrey Thomas of Air Transport World was the winner of the Aerospace Journalist of the Year both in his category and of all 14 categories. Jon Ostrower of Flight Global and Niall O’Keefe, also of Flight Global, won… Read More

Airbus delivery level in 2010, 2011 questionable

The first in a series of reports from the EADS media day and the Paris Air Show….. Airbus will deliver about the same number of airplanes this year as it did in 2008–roughly 480–but the numbers for 2010… Read More

787 Line 2: Not in Seattle, says Exec Candidate

Production Line 2 of the Boeing 787 won’t be in Seattle, a candidate for King County Executive told the on-line newspaper, Crosscut Seattle. King County is where Seattle is located and Boeing’s Commercial Airplane headquarters is in the… Read More

Off to the Paris Air Show

We will be attending the EADS Media Day June 13 and the Paris Air Show on Monday and Tuesday. Watch for our reports from each event.

Performance, delays will be factors in KC-X rebid

The US Air Force is gearing up to issue a new request for proposals, perhaps as early as July, for Round 3 of the KC-X aerial refueling tanker competition. Pentagon officials hope to award a contract by year… Read More

Podcast details AF ACARS messages

There has been plenty of press about the 24 messages from the Air France flight that crashed. Addison Schonland of Innovation Analysis Group has two podcasts (17 minutes and 30 minutes) that has an expert decipher the messages…. Read More

A380 vs 747-8

Update, June 12: Boeing’s new 20 year forecast issued immediately before the Paris Air Show now forecasts just 740 VLAs, a dramatic drop from 960+ in its previous forecast. You can bet we’ll ask Airbus about this–and just… Read More