Analysts forecast traffic growth but scant profits for Indian airlines

Subscription Required By Bryan Corliss Oct. 17, 2022 © Leeham News: After sustaining major losses in their most-recent fiscal years, India’s airlines will recover in 2022. But rising fuel and labor costs, plus weak prospects for financing will… Read More

777 decision may come before 737: JP Morgan

Joe Nadol, the aerospace analyst at JP Morgan, this week opined that Boeing may make a decision on the 777’s future before that of the 737. Here’s what he has to say:

777 production spotlighted

The latest issue of Boeing Frontiers, the company magazine, spotlights the Lean Production line for the 777. This follows the years-long conversion for the 737 line. We have always felt these Lean Production methods are one of the… Read More

Boeing to decide by year-end on 737RE: McNerney

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney told an investor’s event that the company will decide by year-end on a 737 re-engine program, and by year-end or early next year on enhancing the 777, saying a new 777 is “unlikely.” Here… Read More

Deja vu all over again

The third in series of articles from the EADS media day and the Paris Air Show…. Your competitor has designed a new airplane that promises to be 20% more efficient than yours. You are involved in a costly… Read More