Airbus annual press conference

Airbus held its annual press conference today, with several news items coming from it: A400M This program remains a financial disaster, with Airbus now acknowledging it threatens the well-being of the entire company. This New York Times article… Read More

Will Lean 767 Line mean new life for this airplane?

Boeing’s plan to implement a Lean production line for the 767 has significant implications for this aging product. Boeing tells us that the line will result in a 20% improvement in unit time in construction. This does not… Read More

Outlook for Airbus, Boeing in 2010

Introduction 2009 has faded into history and 2010 is here. Last year wasn’t kind to Airbus or Boeing—though it was worse for the latter than the former. How will this year be? We’ll get right into how we… Read More

Kicking off the New Year

As is so often the case, we found the following while looking for something else. We thought this would be a good way for readers to kick off the New Year.