Pontifications: Facial recognition coming to an airport near you

Sept. 4, 2017, © Leeham Co.: Facial recognition for airport operations is becoming a reality. The new terminal T4 at Singapore’s Changi Airport is completing testing of the system before the terminal is open. William Bain, an occasional… Read More

Pontifications: “I’m glad you’re not going far.”

Nov. 23, 2015, (c) Leeham Co. An Airbus A321 is blown out of the sky over Egypt. Two Air France jumbo jets are diverted due to bomb threats. ISIS stages multiple, simultaneous attacks in Paris. Additional attacks are… Read More

Washington State air facilities that could close with sequestration

The FAA has released a list of air traffic control facilities that could close with Sequestration, which is due to take effect March 1. The following facilities in Washington State are on the list: ALW Walla Walla Regional… Read More

TSA move to replace body invaders a good one

The news that the Transportation Security Administration is swapping out the invasive body x-ray scanners with other equipment is good news indeed. Setting aside the debate over whether the levels of radiation to produce x-rays is a health… Read More

Odds and Ends: TSA, 787 endurance and Frontier, again

This just in: Busted. We’re a big fan of the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. In the warped sense of humor department, we found this to be pretty amusing, since nobody got hurt. Original Post: TSA: Anyone who has flown… Read More

Kicking off the New Year

As is so often the case, we found the following while looking for something else. We thought this would be a good way for readers to kick off the New Year.