Tit for tat on KC-X

Stephen Trimble of Flight Global has EADS’ opening shot on talking point in Congress. It is brutally frank and takes off the gloves often kept on by Northrop Grumman in the KC-X competition. We’ve seen–but do not yet… Read More

Profile of 737 Lean Production

MSNBC has this long profile of the 737 Lean production system. This is a nice follow-on to an unrelated piece about 777 Lean production.

787, A350 “way over-ordered,” says UBS

In an analysis that might create heartburn for any number of people at any number of levels, David Strauss and his aerospace team at UBS Securities issued a report Tuesday (April 27) that concludes the next-generation of airplanes–the… Read More

KC-X: price dumping and assessing risk

Now that EADS said it will bid after all for the KC-X contract, questions have been raised about the possibility EADS will offer pricing that is below its costs (or “price-dumping”) to win the contract. Boeing supporters, and… Read More

IAM threatens Boeing strike in 2012

Bloomberg has this long story looking at the 787 development since last June, when Boeing officials then predicted the airplane would make its first flight by June 30. Only two days later, Boeing announced another delay for the… Read More

Enviro Aerospace conferences this week, next month

Here is a good enviro-aerospace conference coming up next month that provides one of the broadest coverage of topics to anyone interested in the emerging green-aviation issues. Sponsored by the AIAA, the conference is called Making a Difference:… Read More

Boeing’s 1Q2010 results

Boeing released its first quarter results today. Here is the press release. Here is the 12 page PDF financial presentation. Earnings call begins:

EADS confirms KC-X bid

Update, 500 PM PDT: Innovation Analysis Group has a 24 minute podcast on this development featuring Flight Global defense writer Steve Trimble, TEAL Group aerospace analyst Richard Aboulafia, IAG’s Addison Schonland and us. Original Post: EADS North America… Read More

EADS to bid on tanker

Reuters just moved this story that EADS is preparing to bid the contract alone. L-3 Communications appears to be definitely out of partnering with EADS and “for now” EADS is prepared to go it alone, Reuters says. Sen…. Read More

L-3 appears out as EADS partner

Update, April 16, 0900 PDT: Reuters moved this story this morning about EADS options dwindling away. DOD Buzz has this analysis on why EADS needs a partner. Original Post: Reuters just moved this report that L-3 is probably… Read More