Note: We have updated the Tuesday posting at the end of that column.

Update, 8:00 PM BST: Day 3 orders are now included toward the end of this post.

Another day, another set of aircraft orders are expected. From the buzz, it sounds like this could a Boeing day.

But the speculation continues hot-and-heavy about the failure of Bombardier to announce an order from Qatar. As many news stories report, Qatar’s Abkar Al Baker said there is an issue with Pratt & Whitney yet to be resolved and, from our discussions, we know there is and have a general idea what it’s about.

Alas, we were told off the record (damn!) and cannot share it here.

Flightblogger has a piece posted last night UK time that Bombardier might get an order at the show after all. Whether this is Qatar (which is assumed) or someone else, we don’t know. What we do know is that all our appointments with BBD officials yesterday were cancelled at the last minute, and we don’t think it’s because of anything we said….

We have a host of meetings schedule today, but as far as anticipated news, we’re watching Qatar for a Boeing order (and, who knows, maybe BBD after all); there are a few other potential customers that might announce, including the Sukhoi Superjet order forecast a week ago by Flightblogger.

Updated Day 3

Announced Orders

Customer Airbus Boeing
Air Lease Corp 31 A320s, 20 A321 SharkletsDelivery from Jan 2011 to early 2015. The 2011 are two Air New Zealand A320s Hazy bought prior to ALC’s forming and have been transferred over to ALC. $4.4bn value.

Engines a mix of CFM and IAE.

GECAS 60 A320 family. CFM engines. Sharklets optional. 40 737-800s, announced list value $3bn. A320 $5bn
Aeroflot 11 A330-300s. $1.7bn  
Emirates   30 Boeing 777-300ERs, $9.1bn. 18 now confirmed as previously ordered but Unidentified. Value of new additions, $3.6bn
Norwegian   15 737-800s
Day 1 122 orders 67 new orders
Day 2    
Avolon Leasing   12 737-800s $921m
Royal Jordanian   3 787s
LAN 40 A320s, 10 A321s MOU  
Hong Kong Airlines 15 A350, 10 A330-200 MOUConverts 15 previous A330 orders to these A350s and orders 10 additional A330s  
Air Lease Corp (see below, Other)   60 737-800 (54+6)
Day 2 orders Net: 60 75
Day 3 Orders    
RBS Aviation Capital 52 A320 Family; announced but previously ordered and undisclosed; not added to our new order tally 43 737 Family; announced but previously ordered and undisclosed; not added to our new order tally.
Germania 5 A319s, converting a previous MOU. Delivery from 2011.  
Thai 7 A330-300s, MOU, from end 2011  
ALAFCO (lessor) Converts 12 A350-800s to -900s. Not included in new order tally  
Garuda 6 A330-200s, from 4Q12  
American   35 737-800s
Qatar   2 777-200LRs; previously ordered, Unidentified, not included in order tally
Okay Airways (China)   10 737-800s; previously ordered, Unidentified, not counted in new order tally
Air Austral   2 777-200LRs


Others Announced

Day 1: 37 other types

Sukhoi  Superjets: Kartika, 30

Embraer: TRIP of Brazil, 2 E-190s; Azul of Brazil, 5 E195s

Day 2 Other: Up to 264 other types

  • Azul Brazil, 40 ATR 72-600 $850m
  • Air Lease Corp., 15+5 E-190s (LOI); 10+10 ATR 72-600s
  • Flybe (UK), E-175: 35+65 and purchase rights to 40 more, all-in list value $5bn
  • Nordic Aviation Capital, 7 ATR-42

Day 3: Other Orders

  • Republic, 24 E-190s
  • Pearl Aircraft Corp.  (new company), 30+15n Sukhoi
  • SuperjetCrecom Burj (Malaysian lessor), 50 MS-21
  • Vnesheconombank’s leasing arm VEB-Lizing, 15+15 MS-21
  • Qantas, 7 Q400s
  • Orient Thai, 12+12 Superjets

4 Comments on “Farnborough/Wednesday

  1. Boeing day… 748i order for Quatar???

    There’s always hope!

  2. That would be great, a B-747-8I order from Qatar, or someone else.


    There has not been visible the slightest sign of the new Boeing 747-8 at Farnborough. The 787 Dreamliner showed up and made its impressive debut, but not one single 747-8, despite three of them should be available now, and the 747-8 urgently needs some more than the current ~ 100 orders to get profitable.
    Is it because development of the 747-8 is already so terribly behind schedule now (> 1 year, if I recall it right) ?
    Or is it, because cost overruns are so huge now (> $ 1 billion, if I recall it right) that Boeing didn’t want to add those presentation costs to the already dire bill ?

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