Odds and Ends: 20 year forecasts; Roll ’em down; Canada v America & Romney

20 Year Forecasts: The Blog by Javier (who works for Airbus Military) has this analysis of 20 year forecasts. It’s pretty interesting. He also references an earlier post but didn’t link it; here it is. Here is another link to another comparison posting. This link, a bit older, specifically discusses the VLA category.

These are a good set of analyses.

AirInsight has its own comparisons here.

Roll down the windows: Mitt Romney wonders why the windows don’t open on airplanes. And he wants to “own” Air Force One?

America First? Not so much. Ann Romney flies in a Canadian Bombardier Challenger 600 instead of an American Gulfstream. And we thought Romney was all about American jobs. The right-wing wacko Rush Limbaugh types got on Obama for the Secret Service buying a Canadian-built bus (wasn’t even Obama’s doing). Where are the America-Firsters for not flying an American aircraft?

21 Comments on “Odds and Ends: 20 year forecasts; Roll ’em down; Canada v America & Romney

  1. Doesn’t seem to be. The LA Times source story has the comment in quotation marks, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication of it being humorous. The way it’s written it looks like a straight quote.

  2. I’m pretty sure he was kidding and everyone who wants to think he’s an idiot used her confirmation bias powers to confirm her bias. Willing to be proved wrong with a video clip but I haven’t found one. Speaking cadence doesn’t come through in the typeface.

  3. Governor Romney is just like most people when it comes to flying airplanes. He is a passenger who does not know about the technology and reasons why things are as they are on airplanes. You cannot fault him for that. He has no background with them other than his passenger experience. So wondering why most airplane windows cannot be opened is something he shares with most of the world’s population.
    Also, as with most presidential campaigns, Anne, Mitt, and the Ryans fly in leased airplanes, they did not buy them, nor own them. So he has little say over where the airplanes are built. Did you critisize McCain for using an Airbus A-320 during his 2008 campaign? Chances are Obama doesn’t know where hid VC-25s were built.

  4. SCNR:
    12 years ago we thought Bush was joking. ( He wasn’t )
    8 years ago we thought the reelection was a joke. ( It wasn’t )
    4 years ago we thought they would get it right rsn. ( it turned into a joke )

    Appearing “barely sentient” seems to be a right wing voter lure.

  5. Scott, just what is the significance of these 20 year forecasts?
    I can understand 5 or 10, but 20 does seem a bit way out there in this day and age of rapid technological and social change.
    Also why do Airbus and Boeing make such a big thing of each other’s forecasts?
    For stock markets?
    I would think that if my competitor makes a lang term forecast that is way way out there, I wouldn’t go out of my way to point out where he has made some bad assumptions.

    • We agree there is a bit of voo doo involved but when you are designing a plane for a 25-30 life span and making cap-ex in tooling and building facilities for that airplane, we guess one would like to have a reasonable idea of the future market.

  6. Interesting Lee that you are now making this a political blog too. Is your inner Donkey showing?

    • It comes out now and then when we’re in a particularly irreverent mood. Notice your email contains “rino.” As in “Republican in Name Only” perhaps?

  7. Really don’t want to read your political spin on things. I come to your blog for the outstanding insight on the aerospace industry. This is like a Hollywood actor spewing their political positions as if they matter. Please just continue to provide your great work on the aerospace industry that I appreciate so much.

    • Dave, we are indeed sensitive to political discussions and have often reigned it in. As noted, we were just feeling kind of snarky yesterday.

    • Dave Carney :Really don’t want to read your political spin on things.

      Then don’t. Nobody is forcing you.
      To be honest, if you call Scott’s comments political, then you are really sensitive. Seems to me that he merely made an observation and a comparison. Both aviation related, even if in a somewhat tenuous manner.

      Personally I find it strange that people come here telling him what to do. It’s his website and you aren’t even paying anything to use it. Rather arrogant of you, in my opinion.

  8. The RINOs might as well be Democrats as that is where their true loyalty is. The same could be once said for the “Reagan Democrats”. But that is another story

    • “RINO” effects stem from a batty minority taking a political party for a ride, squeezing the sane majority. Next step is actual defection.

  9. I expect in europe anyone attacking a politician for the assembly location of a jet he is hiring would get strange looks.

  10. Agree with Dave Carney…..an to those that really believe MR is that ignorant, if you heard the Romney comment directly (rather than reading the Huff Post analysis), you would understand that it was nothing more than an attempt at levity in the face of what could have been a disaster. Let’s keep in on topic here guys!

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