Odds and Ends: Boeing kills fish plan; Consultant still spooked by 787 fix; new 787 poll

Boeing kills fish plan: The Spokane Review has this story about Boeing killing a plan to further protect fish in the Puget Sound area. We knew of this effort in December. The proposed rules would require huge water… Read More

Odds and Ends: Boeing earnings call; US Airways Media; 787 update Day

There’s a lot of news happening today and tomorrow. NTSB Hearing: The NTSB hearing on the Japan Air Lines Boeing 787 battery fire is today and tomorrow. This can be followed live (and later archived) here. Boeing Earnings… Read More

NTSB hearing on JAL 787 battery incident today, tomorrow: live, 9am Eastern Time

You can follow the NTSB hearing on the Japan Air Lines battery fire on the web here. It starts at 9am Eastern Time. Mobile phone access is also available.

Odds and Ends: Boeing’s presence in Seattle; 747-8 future; Japan awaits 787 NTSB hearings; Airport delays

Boeing’s presence in Seattle: Bill Virgin, a respected local journalist and observer of aerospace and manufacturing, wrote this column for the Tacoma News-Tribune looking at Boeing’s future presence in the Seattle area. The points Virgin raise are valid,… Read More

Working together in Boston

I’m going to exercise my blog-owner prerogative to make a major deviation from the aerospace focus to talk about the Boston Marathon events. The government response to what happened was superb. There can be no other word for… Read More

Odds and Ends: How Alabama won Airbus; ANA 787 test flights

How Alabama won Airbus: Bloomberg News has this story detailing how Alabama persuaded Airbus to located an A320 plant in Mobile, after losing the tanker competition. ANA to conduct 787 test flights: The Japanese airline, which currently has… Read More

Boeing press conference on 787/FAA action

Boeing held a tele-web press conference at 2pm PDT today about the FAA’s approval of the battery fix and authorization to return the 787 to service. As we prepared to get underway, Boeing clarified some Tweets that referenced… Read More

FAA approves 787 fix, return-to-service

Wall Street Journal article (subscription required). Associated Press, with LOT comments about EASA. Seattle Times: ETOPS @ 180 minutes maintained. Boeing to Begin Modifying 787s as FAA Approves Battery Improvements – Modifications to existing fleets to begin; deliveries… Read More

Boeing, SPEEA in-fighting continues

Boeing yesterday said it would be cutting more engineer jobs. Boeing’s engineers’ union, SPEEA, was quick to fire back. Boeing’s message: The following message was sent today from Mike Delaney, VP of Engineering for Commercial Airplanes, to all… Read More

Boeing cuts 747-8 production

This is going to be a busy day for Boeing. We’re waiting for word from the FAA to lift the grounding order of the 787 once the Boeing fix is installed and this morning Boeing announced it’s cutting… Read More