IAM 751 Local rejects Boeing contract, say many members; still awaiting word

We’re at the IAM 751 headquarters with ballot-counting continuing. Media is excluded from the counting room, but many members with access tell us waiting here that the contract is being rejected, probably by a wide margin.

We are told to expect official word around 9pm.

See our previous posts for additional commentary pre-dating the vote but which remain valid in the wake of it.

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5 Comments on “IAM 751 Local rejects Boeing contract, say many members; still awaiting word

  1. Have fun (soon-to-be) unemployed Boeing employees. The Boeing offer wasn’t actually too bad. Most companies are now making their employees contribute more towards health and pension payments, Boeing’s plan wasn’t too different.

    I hope this was basically a “negotiation tactic” to get get more from Boeing.

  2. I am happy to see that the blackmailing may not fly this time. These people should be proud of them even if they loose their jobs.
    Boeing corporate must share the wealth with their workforce.

  3. Actually eric, the no vote begins the race to the bottom for the IAM workers in the northwest. If/when Boeing moves the 777x out of Washington you have just kissed 20 years of steady jobs away

  4. Why can’t those who think we blew it by hating this offer understand?
    Boeing has guaranteed nothing. The language of the offer allows them to outsource any or all of the aircraft involved. The fact that they have put the 737Max back on the table after promising that it would stay in Renton as if we accepted the 2011 extention is proof that they are just playing everyone. They promised more jobs for Witchita if they got Tanker Contract and then closed them down laying off tbousands.
    This is a lose lose for the Machinist and for Taxpayers and a WIN WIN for the money grabbers at the top of the Boeing company.
    They will get the pension fund and they will continue to grow elsewhere.

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