A380 order welcome, but may not add to Airbus backlog

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The news of orders by Iran Air and ANA for 12 and three A380s respectively is good news for Airbus, but A380 Trent XWBthese probably don’t do much to boost the backlog in practical terms.

These orders will likely replace some of those in the A380 backlog that are unlikely to be delivered.

In our annual examination of the backlogs of Airbus and Boeing, little has changed for the A380—until the Iran Air and ANA orders, there hasn’t been a sale of the A380 in more than two years.


  • As deliveries continue, the backlog shrinks.
  • Orders from Virgin Atlantic are deferred and unlikely to be delivered. Look for a swap to another Airbus aircraft.
  • Amedeo has yet to place any of its orders. First deliveries in 2017.
  • Air Austral orders deferred, unlikely delivery.

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