New value Guide: A look at A320, 737

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Sept. 5, 2016, © Leeham Co.: The semi-annual update to The Guide, from appraiser Aviation Specialists of Herndon (VA), indicates Airbus and Boeing single-aisle aircraft remain hotly competitive in current market values and future residual values.

The Guide covers all in-production jets from Airbus, Boeing (including McDonnell Douglas), Bombardier and Embraer, plus their out-of-production airplanes. Passenger and freighters, including some P2F conversions, are included. BBD’s CS300 is included, although it doesn’t enter service for another few months.

The Guide is a for-purchase product.


  • The A321ceo, sans sharklets, has a higher current market value than its competitor, the 737-900ER. It also has higher residual value forecast based on the higher Current Market Value starting point, but as a percentage of the starting point, the two airplanes are the same.
  • The 737-800W has a better CMV and as a result a better residual value forecast. But it also has a fractionally higher RV as a percentage of the starting point.

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