Delta statement on ITC decision

Delta statement on ITC ruling in Boeing/Bombardier C Series matter

Delta is pleased by the U.S. International Trade Commission’s ruling rejecting Boeing’s anticompetitive attempt to deny U.S. airlines and the U.S. traveling public access to the state-of-the-art 110-seat CS100 aircraft when Boeing offers no viable alternative. The airline looks forward to introducing the innovative CS100 to its fleet for the benefit of Delta’s employees, customers and shareowners.

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  1. Will Delta still be taking delivery of US made CSeries jets? In Delta’s filings to the US ITC, they had said that they will only take delivery of US built CSeries aircraft no matter the outcome.


    This is GREAT news!

    Hallelujah for the first responsible, “adult” decision to emerge from the highest level of our country’s leaders in more than a year!!!

    We may never know if yesterday’s face-to-face meeting between the current occupant of the White House and PM Theresa May in Davos, Switzerland accounts for this unexpected turn of events, but whatever the reason, this is most welcome news!!!


  3. Great News !
    The decision was based on facts and such a decent judgment was against all expectations!
    Congratulations to the 4 members of the said ITC committee !

  4. Advocate of the Devil;

    Appeal this ITC decision if Delta starts coverting some CS100s to CS300s, maybe CS500s later on.

    All made posible by this subsidy based price dumping of Bombardier.

    We are witnessing a Trojan Horse being pulled into Mobile really..


    • And Boeing is not the largest recipient of Government subsidies in the world?

    • It’s always useful for there to be some devilish advocacy!

      No matter how the aircraft’s price was arrived at, the ITC has said that it’s irrelevant; who cares, it’s not hurting anyone. Given that it’s then more a matter of looking at it as the Canadian taxpayer (and now Airbus’s manufacturing buying power) that’s subsidising travel for the US public. What’s not to like?

      I strongly suspect that once the Mobile FAL is open the there’s no stopping the CS300, CS500 entering the US market unhindered. It would be a brave Boeing management to go after that given this decision. Then again…

      Wild speculation here; it looks like the current administration is interested in the launch of Falcon Heavy, and may kill off NASA’s huge SLS. If that happens I think there’s going to be big political pressure to let Alabama flourish with the C Series FAL. This decision today makes it very easy to fold to that hypothetical future pressure (should it ever become politically necessary).

  5. Am sure someone in ATL is feeling some schadenfreude right now for BA…

  6. Schadenfreude is a nice thing
    but I’d wait a couple of days/weeks for the final percolation.

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