Podcast: 10 Minutes About Future Workforce Requirements

Dec. 30, 2020, © Leeham News: How many airline workers and aerospace manufacturing-supply chain workers have been laid off, voluntarily or involuntarily, in the pandemic?

Even before the pandemic, airlines faced an aging pilot workforce and regional airlines had difficulties finding and retaining pilots. The aging pilots get older during the layoffs. What kind of shortages will there be as the industry recovers over the next few years?

Kathryn Creedy, who writes for Leeham News and is editor of her own on-line newsletter, Future Aviation/Aerospace Workforce News, answers these and more questions in this episode of 10 Minutes About.

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5 Comments on “Podcast: 10 Minutes About Future Workforce Requirements

  1. Hope that means it will be good for job-shoppers. Like the old days when big programs really staff up. If Boeing gets serious about the NSA / 757 Replacement – that would do it with all the Space and B3 going on. FYI, podcast was fine through android phone…

    • “Like the old days when big programs really staff up.”

      Staffing up on lawyers maybe.

      New projects will be run by coopting some ( one, many ) outside entity. (We saw Saab for the trainer, IMU they wanted Embraer for their design department.)

      What has crystallized over the last two years is that Boeing hasn’t changed their spots.Still the slimy predator.

      • Yes, nearing the last few years of work, as opposed to being semi retired, I saw way too many projects out sourced to LCC (low cost countries) such as India and what I’d call start-up companies of convenience… But it would be nice to work a little longer.

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