Airbus, Boeing diverge on technology for next new airplane

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By Scott Hamilton


Feb. 1, 2021, © Leeham News: Airbus and Boeing are diverging on paths for a sustainable, reduced emissions strategy for the next new airplanes.

The stakes are high: billions of dollars in sales, dramatic shifts protecting the environment and which company will be dominate for decades to come.

Source: Boeing

Airbus committed to bringing to market a zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered aircraft by the middle of the next decade. A dramatic shift in supporting infrastructure is needed to support innovating new technology.

Boeing is taking a more conservative approach, but one that won’t require costly changes to the infrastructure or major changes to airplane design. Instead, Boeing is betting on delivering airliners by 2030 that can use 100% sustainable fuels.


  • Boeing believes hydrogen technology is farther away than Airbus thinks.
  • Airbus wants a hydrogen-fueled airplane in service by 2035.
  • Boeing committed to a 100% sustainably-fueled airplane by 2030.
  • Who’s right is a multi-billion dollar bet.

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