Airbus program update tomorrow: what will officials reveal?

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By Scott Hamilton


June 14, 2021, © Leeham News: Airbus will provide a commercial program update tomorrow in Toulouse.

Will the Next Boeing Airplane be like the 757 with a composite new wing and new engines? Boeing photo.

But will officials announce Authority to Offer (ATO) an A350 freighter for sale?

Will they formally acknowledge development of an “A322”?

There is a plethora of articles, including LNA, in recent weeks discussed the prospect of Airbus launching an A350F this year. Potential customers have seen presentations from Airbus. Boeing’s overwhelming dominance in freighters is under threat.

If Airbus announces ATO tomorrow, Boeing may be forced to take its 777-8F concept out of mothballs. Boeing suspended development of the 777-8 and -8F during the 737 MAX and pandemic crises.

Then there is the prospect of the long-talked about “A322.”

This airplane, if launched, will have a new composite wing, more powerful engines and up to 24 more passengers. The wing is called the Wing of Tomorrow and has been under development for years.

If Airbus launches the A322, which also has a working name of A321 Plus Plus, Boeing will find it very tough to build a business case for its Next Boeing Airplane (NBA). The most recent iteration seems to be basically a reinvention of the 757-200/300: a metallic fuselage with a composite wing and new engines.

  • Airbus now has the leadership role held by Boeing for decades, says the industry’s most influential executive.
  • What does the Next Boeing Airplane look like?
  • Airbus thinks it can match the NBA with an A322 for a lot less money to the customer.
  • But will airlines want a 2025 technology or be satisfied with a makeover for an Airbus with roots in 1980s technology?

    Boeing's CEO says the next airplane won't be a response to just the Airbus A321XLR. Airbus photo.

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