The new Boeing freighter, 777-8F, versus Airbus’ A350F

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By Bjorn Fehrm


February 3, 2022, © Leeham News: Boeing launched the new large freighter, 777-8F, Monday with an order for 34 and options for 16 from Qatar Airways.

We made a comparison based on projected data in August 2021 of the 777-XF versus an A350 freighter, but now we have final data for both. We can now compare the 777-8F from Boeing with the A350F from Airbus. We also compare these with the present Boeing freighter, 777F.

The new freighters represent the largest freighters that will be in the market at the end of the decade, as Boeing’s 747-8F ends its production after the summer. The A350F starts deliveries during 2025, and the 777-8F joins in 2027.

We start with comparing freight capabilities, and then we fly them on a typical freight route, using our aircraft performance model.

Image: Boeing.

  • The 777-8F has the largest volume and highest payload capability, making it the market's largest freighter at the end of the decade.
  • But despite the highest takeoff weight, it has the shortest range of the compared freighters.

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