Assessing passenger airline fuel efficiency

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By Vincent Valery


April 4, 2022, © Leeham News: Fuel prices abruptly increased just as travel restrictions started easing after the Covid-19 Omicron wave. The oil price increase accelerated after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. What would have seemed unthinkable 20 months ago has arrived: fuel prices are back to their 2010-14 levels.

Most airlines are still healings their wounds from the Covid-19 pandemic. Higher fuel prices are an unwelcome feature that will delay their return to profitability if not significantly complicate it.

Considering the above, LNA thought it relevant to assess the fuel efficiency of the major passenger airlines' fleets.

  • The paradox and challenges of fuel hedging;
  • Explaining the fuel efficiency score methodology;
  • Twin-aisle, single-aisle, and regional airline rankings.

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