The A350 enhancements, Part 3

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By Vincent Valery


A350 Fuselage, Credit: Airbus

Nov. 10, 2022, © Leeham News: Last week, we saw the impact of the New Production Standard (NPS) on the Airbus A350-900's economic performance against the Boeing 787-10. While using a ten-abreast economy class cabin configuration negatively impacted passenger comfort, it significantly improved the relative competitiveness of the A350-900.

We now turn our attention to the larger variant that will benefit from the NPS, the A350-1000, and compare it against its closest competitor, the 777-9.

  • Future major large-twin sales campaigns;
  • Comparing aircraft cabins;
  • The extra seat changes the economic pecking order;
  • It is not all about unit costs.

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