The Boeing 767 Cross Section, Part 1

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By Vincent Valery


Nov. 24, 2022, © Leeham News: Last week, we saw the impact of using a nine-abreast economy class seating configuration on the Airbus A330neo economic performance against the Boeing 787-9. The passenger comfort was similar to the A350 NPS in a 10-abreast cabin.

NMA Freighter. Credit: Leeham Company LLC

We now turn our attention to another aircraft family, the Boeing 767. Until a few weeks ago, Boeing’s product development team worked on a 767-sized airplane. The program would start with a freighter, the NMA-F, followed by the passenger variant.

However, comments from Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun at the Boeing annual investor conference indicated there are no plans to launch such a program. Funding for such a program was reduced.

Despite Boeing’s announcement, we still thought it relevant to look at the 767 cross-section with a mindset of what could have been.

  • No adequate OEM offering in the upper mid-market segment;
  • The 767 cabin shoulder width;
  • Comparing mid-sized aircraft capacity;
  • A dwindling 767 freighter conversion stock.

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