CFM to increase LEAP production 50% this year, GE Aerospace executives say

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By Bryan Corliss

March 10, 2023, © Leeham News – GE Aerospace executives said Thursday that production of LEAP engines will increase 50% this year to meet increased demand from Boeing and Airbus. 

LEAP engines, which power Airbus A320 Neos and Boeing 737 MAX jets, are produced by CFM, the joint-venture partnership between U.S.-based GE and French-based Safran. 

“This is no small feat,” said GE CEO of Commercial Engines and Services Russell Stokes. He noted that the network for LEAP includes 160 external suppliers and 20 internal GE shops.

Stokes, GE CEO Larry Culp and other executives spoke at GE’s 2023 Investor Conference. 

  • Strong demand driving Commercial growth
  • GE9X growth expected in 2025
  • 70% of GE Aerospace revenues from services
  • Work continues on SAF, RISE

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