Odds and ends: A350-1000, A380 orders coming; NLRB action starts today

A350-1000: We broke the international news that Airbus and Rolls-Royce were going to modify the design of the A350-1000 to increase the range of the airplane. Now, the ever-thorough Flight Global has this story with a fair amount… Read More

Labor at Boeing and Airbus

The Everett Herald has a series of stories today about labor relations at Boeing and Airbus. The links are below. Note: The Herald’s website is one of the clunkiest in CyberUniverse, so don’t be surprised if it is… Read More

Wake up notice to IAM, SPEEA and WA State

The news that Boeing is leaning toward proceeding with a new airplane instead of a re-engined 737 serves as yet another wake-up call for Boeing’s labor unions and Washington State officials to get their act together. As we… Read More

787 Line 2 Post Mortem

The Background It had been a long time coming. Boeing’s 787 repeated delays and great backlog meant that the company had to have a second production line to catch up and to offer delivery positions within reasonable time… Read More

Boeing talks a sham: newspaper

Update: Boeing spokesman Tim Healy provided this response to us when we asked about the article: “We were utterly serious about reaching an agreement. And we told the IAM quite precisely what we needed from them and when.”… Read More

Dueling Messages: Boeing vs IAM

The spin wars continue. Earlier today Boeing issued a message to employees explaining, from its perspective, why a deal with the IAM could not be reached. A few hours later, the IAM 751 responded. We have both after… Read More

787 Line 2 aftermath

Update, Oct. 30: We’ll be posting our post mortem Monday, Nov. 2. This isn’t the post mortem we’re working on but there is a lot of traffic to this site today, obviously looking for some thoughts, so here… Read More

787 Line 2 Update, Oct. 28

Update, 11:30 AM PDT: The Boeing Board of Directors is to make the decision on siting Line 2 today or tomorrow–we have somewhat conflicting information. We’re trying for some clarification. Original Post: A flurry of activity erupted last… Read More

787 Line 2: Countdown to Decision; Opportunities on Both Sides

It’s Monday, October 26, and the final countdown to a decision on where to put Boeing’s 787 Line 2 assembly site may come as early as this week. We understand the Boeing Board of Directors meets today or… Read More

IAM may well “blow it” over 787 Line 2

With an historic opportunity to engage in a radical shift of labor relations with The Boeing Co., the International Association of Machinists may well make an historical decision that will “blow it.” As anyone in aviation who is… Read More