Week 7: IAM-Boeing strike

October 24: Day One of the resumed negotiations between the IAM and Boeing has come and gone with no news of progress or stalemate. Boeing stock closed up 8% yesterday, presumably on hopes of a settlement, but we… Read More

Airbus unshaken: WSJ

Update, October 15: Bloomberg reports that Airbus is scaling back plans to increase production of the A320 and A330 lines. Here is the story. This prompts us to highlight an item in The Wall Street Journal piece below:… Read More

Week 6: IAM-Boeing strike

October 17: MarketWatch: Boeing is expected to finally reveal the damage caused by the IAM strike during its earnings call October 22. This is a matter of much speculation: some analysts figured Boeing was losing between $100m-$110m a… Read More

Week 5, Boeing-IAM strike

Update, October 8: Breaking News, 6:30 PM PDT, Seattle Times: Dominic Gates reports that Boeing and the IAM secretly met and are resuming talks. The story can be found here. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a catch-up piece here…. Read More

Week 4: IAM-Boeing strike

Update, October 2: Here’s a new twist. An Australian newspaper reports that Virgin Blue may seek damages from Boeing and the IAM over the strike-induced delays of the 777s the airline wants. We think Boeing’s customer contracts preclude… Read More

Week 3, IAM-Boeing strike

Boeing and the IAM entered the third week of the strike last Saturday and there is no sign of any progress. As of last week, the two sides weren’t even talking about talking. Update, September 24: Seattle Post-Intelligencer:… Read More

What now for the tanker?

In today’s column we discuss the tanker, how much the IAM strike is costing Boeing every day and how long the strike may last. Out of all the twists and turns in the seven year old effort to… Read More

Week 2, IAM-Boeing strike

As the Boeing strike enters Week 2, we continue our “media watch” for continuing coverage. September 14: Seattle Post-Intelligencer: BCA President Scott Carson hopes talks will resume in a “couple of weeks” and a settlement will come shortly… Read More

Week 1, Boeing-IAM strike

For the duration of the IAM strike against Boeing, we’ll divide updates into weeks (Week 1, Week 2, etc.). Any special, breaking news will be its own posting. The Weekly updates probably will consist of linking significant news… Read More

Breaking News: IAM-Boeing strike is on!

From the IAM website, 3:45pm PDT Sept. 5: The Strike Is On! Brothers and sisters: The strike will commence at one minute after midnight tonight. This Company disrespected the process, bargained illegally and most of all, disrespected the… Read More